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Welcome to the website of 41st Whitworth (Rochdale) Scout Group which we hope you will enjoy. We currently have around 30 members, and growing, who enjoy our activities each week. Here, you will find loads of information about who we are what we get up to and don’t forget to checkout our News Pages which are updated on a regular basis.

Scouting is the largest co-educational Youth movement in the UK, with over 500,000 members.
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6-8 Years Wednesday 6:30 - 7:45

Twiddling our thumbs in the name of science

The Beavers have been busy bees this past few weeks, and have made remarkable progress with their science badge. The group has learned all about their thumbs, and how useful they are!!! Doing various everyday tasks with and without their 5th digit, and struggling all the way.


8-10½ Years Tuesday 6:15 - 7:45

Snapping Some Super Shots (with cameras)

As part of their Photography activity badge, some of our cubs went to TJ Photography this weekend, and had more fun than a fun thing on Funday!!! The group learned what makes a good photo, and had lots of practice taking photos in three areas: Outside, Inside, and with Props!!!