Beavers Fly High & Spring Ahead

Beavers is booming at the moment, there are so many new members that Chief’s head is spinning. She certainly has her hands full trying to learn everyone’s name and planning activities that they can all enjoy. Chinese New Year is one subject which appeals to all and who knew there was so much to it. Fireworks, dragons and food just for starters, a great starting subject for new Beavers.

The Beavers, like the Cubs, have been working towards earning their Air Activities Badge and it’s no wonder Chief has been going dizzy with all those paper aeroplanes flying past her head. Just a part of what is needed for them to achieve their badges. As if that isn’t enough, ‘Seasons’ is another topic the Beavers have been looking into and what better time of year than the beginning of Spring to learn about the beauty of nature and how the different times of year each have their own special features. All these activities have certainly given the Beavers a spring in their step.