Cubs News

Snapping Some Super Shots (with cameras)

As part of their Photography activity badge, some of our cubs went to TJ Photography this weekend, and had more fun than a fun thing on Funday!!! The group learned what makes a good photo, and had lots of practice taking photos in three areas: Outside, Inside, and with Props!!!

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How Busy Will We Be? Busier Than A Buzzy Bee!

Whitworth Cubs have been on a trip to Flightdeck Experiences in Stacksteads where they were all made to feel most welcome and had a superificly fabulous time. This was part of their Air Activities Badge for which they also made kites. Despite an attempted trial on an evening when there just wasn't any wind, these kites are as yet untested but if you keep your eyes to the skies over Whitworth, you may spot them flying over us all in the next few weeks.

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