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The 41st Scout Troop is Back in Business

Thursday 26th April 2018 will go down in history here at Whitworth 41st, after many years in various states of none existence and sharing evenings with other groups the 41st Scout troop have their very own evening to meet! Our first evening was full of Scouting fun, with a pioneering challenge, party food and long […]

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Snapping Some Super Shots (with cameras)

As part of their Photography activity badge, some of our cubs went to TJ Photography this weekend, and had more fun than a fun thing on Funday!!! The group learned what makes a good photo, and had lots of practice taking photos in three areas: Outside, Inside, and with Props!!!

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From Little Acorns… Scouts Do Grow!

A new website, a new leader and a new Scout Troop. It is all good news here at our Whitworth Scout Group. In the past when our Cubs have reached around 11 ¬†years of age they have left our group as they no longer felt challenged by the activities the Cubs were doing but this […]

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