From Little Acorns… Scouts Do Grow!

A new website, a new leader and a new Scout Troop.

It is all good news here at our Whitworth Scout Group. In the past when our Cubs have reached around 11  years of age they have left our group as they no longer felt challenged by the activities the Cubs were doing but this will no longer be the case. Kieran Phillips has taken on the challenge of becoming a leader and running a Scouts section for our group. Kieran has lots of training to do but he is very excited at the prospect.

Kieran’s new appointment means that we can run more stimulating and exhilarating activities aimed at these more mature young people. We only have three Cubs of an age to move up to Scouts at the moment but as the saying goes, ‘From little acorns…’

Kieran is also a website designer by trade which is very handy and so we now have this wonderful new website to thank him for also.

Thanks Kieran